WLL Episode: Self Authenticity Leads to Personal and Professional Success

It's International Women's Day and I'm excited to celebrate the "sisterhood that binds us together!" Welcome to the second episode of the Women Legal Leaders podcast, facilitated by Kim Stuart, Principal of Key Group. In this episode, Kim interviews Jana Cohen Barbe, Partner and Former Global Vice Chair at Dentons. Tune in to hear Kim and Jana discuss:

  • How credibility is derived from self-awareness and self-authenticity 

  • The significance of the #MeToo movement and how women are taking power back

  • How others’ approval is a false promise.  When you find approval internally, you become a free, independent thinker and a better leader

Take the challenge! 

At the end of this episode, Jana describes an 'autobiography game' done by Oprah years ago. It is a fun and clever exercise where you reduce your life or your career or both, to an autobiography of six (6) words. Jana's is: "Did everything wrong. Got there anyways."

We want to hear yours! Please send us your autobiography in six words. Email kim@key-grp.com

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